Thursday, December 18, 2008

Piecing it Together

I can be kind of a slacker when it comes to watching TV shows. The only one that I actually watch when it premieres is The Office, and everything else is either watched via DVR or online. Fall of 2008 was the beginning of Season 3 of Heroes, but since I hadn't watched Season 2 yet I didn't have it setup to DVR. After hearing BLaZE and Ross talk about this season every Tuesday I decided to catch up on Season 2 with the roommates using a torrent (and patched through MrB's Xbox 360 in what can only be explained as
magic). Season 2 was ok, but the Writers strike shortened the season down from 22 episodes to only 12, so the ending was a bit rushed. I find this fact funny, because nothing freaking happens in the first 5 episodes. Pacing was lackluster, that's for sure.

So anyways, after being hassled about missing out on Season 3, I decided to give it a go. I went to, but didn't find the first episode there. Hmm, well maybe the Heroes Website has it. But all they had was the last 5 episodes to watch. Jerks. So I was forced to use to find a watchable version of the show. Here's my gripe: If I want to watch these episodes, isn't it in NBC's best interest to have me watching it on their site (or on a site they're partnered with)? At least you're getting ad revenue if I watch it through the proper channels. Now I'm watching it through an illegal copy of it and you get squat! Oh, and about this illegal copy: the sound and the action on the screen are out of synch by about 8 seconds. So I'll see someone's lips moving on screen, and then 8 seconds later I'll hear what they're actually saying. It's kind of comical where there's action on screen, like a guy gets punched through the chest, but you don't hear the crazy sound effect for it until he's just staring at the screen.

I'm almost caught up to the point where I can start actually watching them on NBC's website, which will be nice. But having to piece together this last season from all these different sources really is a pain in the ass.


Chad said...

why wouldnt you just torrent season 3 too. That's what i've been doing with it's always sunny and The office. I haven't watched anything other than history and discovery for about 10 mins a night before i go to sleep.

PS last night they had "How its made - Tape measures" on and the other night on H they had "Prostitutes of the Old West".
I love it.

MrB said...

I refuse to watch season 3... if it's anything like season 2...

feels like an over excited 15 year old is writing it... he throws so many twists and cliffhangers at a rate of 1 per minute that at the end you don't give a fuck any of them... while achieving the sense of 'nothing is happening'. that's an achievement right there: Use some many twists that ironically makes the story itself feel stale. WOOT WOOT