Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Leaky Faucet

Other than an odd sense of humor and rugged good lucks, I also inherited from my dad a nose that is constantly running. Many of you that know me know I carry a Kleenex tissue with me wherever I go, just in case my nose starts running for some unknown reason. I've been doing this for about 10 years now. My dad carries around a "hanky" where ever he goes, and my grandfather did the same thing. I really notice it when I go hunting, in that the second I step out of the van on a brisk November morning the little man inside my head turns on the faucet. I spend the entire walk to my stand wiping my nose every 20 seconds, grumbling the whole way. A few years back I even had surgery, because a deviated septum + clogged sinus passages was giving me headaches and throwing a HUGE wrench into my scuba diving class (here's why/how). So I had the surgery, which sounds very similar to what happened to this guy, even had the same bandage on my nose. It cleared out my sinuses a bit, and reshaped the inside of my nose (it pops a little when I crinkle it now), but other than that it still runs like a Kenyan.



Ric said...

"It is most frequently caused by impact trauma, such as by a blow to the face."

Judging by your sleeping habits, I wouldn't be surprised to hear you caused this yourself.

BLaZE said...

So that's why you sound like that!