Monday, December 8, 2008

The High Life

I'm a pretty simple guy, but every once in a while it's nice to get dress up and go to a fancy restaurant so I can feel like a pretentious asshole. Ric had won tickets to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra a few months back, and we decided to go see Christmas Pops this past Friday. However, since we were getting all dressed up we thought it would be nice to go eat somewhere fancy. Ross mentioned The Capital Grille, and it was near the Symphony, so I made reservations for 5:30. After coming home and changing, we headed downtown to the restaurant, got lost for a bit, and then finally found it. First rule of fancy restaurants? They have a valet service. We pull up next to the building, and the guy opens the door for Ric, gives me a stub with my number on it, and inside we go. We were a bit early, so we went to the bar for a drink. She ordered a martini, and I order a beer. I handed the bartender a $20, and he gave me back $2. Um...ok. That martini better be able to heal mortal wounds, for that much money. Anyways, it was dinner time. We get shown our booth and introduced to our server, Sabrina. She calls me "Mr. ", which I find funny. I think about remarking, "that's my father's name toots, you can call me Gregor", but decide against it. We're pretty much the only ones in the restaurant at the time (rich people apparently eat later than normal folks), and from where I'm sitting I can see the beautiful open air kitchen. Sabrina brings out a plate of different types of breads for us to try, and then immediately goes into a 3 minute long barrage of options for our meal. I manage to decipher out her recommendation of Delmonico Steak with a Cona crust and Caramelized Shallot Butter, Ric orders the Mahi Mahi, and we decide to get a bottle of wine while we're at it. For an appetizer we split a bowl of Lobster Bisque, and it was phenomenal. Tender pieces of lobster in a delicious broth. And that bread she brought out before? Amazing. There's a large piece of flat bread that I can't stop nibbling on, it's like manna from heaven. I show some restraint, however, realising that I have a 22 oz steak heading my way.

Speaking of the steak, it's time for the main course. And what a main course it was. I've come to appreciate steak more and more the older I get, but dear lord this was the best steak I've ever had. It was crusted with this Cona rub that brought out the flavor of the meat, and it was so juicy. Perfection, 22 oz at a time. It was quickly devoured. Then the manager of the restaurant comes over saying, "Hi Mr. , my name is John, I'm the manager, how was everything?" I chuckle and say everything as great, and he calls me Mr. again and is on his way.

After such amazing main course we still had room for desert (and the wine had no doubt loosened my wallet), so we decided to get a ice cream sandwich, made at the restaurant with homemade mint ice cream and the cookie outside pieces were like brownies. Way, way too good. As Ric excuses herself for the bathroom, I ask for the bill. $148.23? Oh vey.... But in all honesty, paying that much for such great food, beautiful atmosphere, and excellent service was definitely worth it.

After having the valet go fetch my car, we made our way to the symphony and had a very enjoyable time there listening to Christmas classics. I was so full I had a hard time staying awake during part of it, but it was really well done. A great night on the town, but just to even all of the decadence out the next night we went bowling and drank cheap beer. Sometimes you just can't escape who you are.


Ric said...

You forgot to mention that Sabrina left you her card, in case we ever went back, we could request a specific server.

And all the taxidermy. Lots of animal heads.

Ric said...

OH YEAH: Ruth Chris' Steakhouse. That's the name of the place that apparently has phenomenal steaks.

BLaZE said...

Wow, only $150 for all the stuff you guys had. That seems like a good deal considering how ritzy it came off as. Victoria and I's special occasion 'spensive places (without valet) usually come up to around $100 with 2 drinks, 2 main courses and 1 appetizer. The way you were spending I figured you would be over $200.

Now go to Mason Street Grille (connected to the pfister(Sp?)Hotel) and tell me which steaks are better. Mason's were the best I've had yet.

Chad said...

I took carolyn to Ruths Cris steakhouse when she was down here. You want to talk about a great fucking meal. Also the best steaks i've ever had, and i've had some big al and louie specialties in my day. I had a ribeye that i actually ended up eating most of the fat off of because it was so damn good. I also had au-gratin potatoes as a side dish, and wine.

2 steaks, 2 sides of potatoes, and 4 glasses of wine rang me up a 160+ bill including tip. It was such a great place though. We spent 2.5 hours eating, and they flew by like 20 minutes.

Good times RC, good times.

Gregor said...

Plus the tip, Mr. BLaZE. So add on another $35.

And I'm going to have to try both Mason Street Grill and Ruth Chris's Steakhouse now.

MrB said...

goddamn son. 200 bucks? you can buy an xbox for that much you know?

I hope it was worth it.

And you probably forgot to tip the valet didn't you?

BLaZE said...

Good point. I was wondering how much I would have tipped him.

Gregor said...

I tipped the valet, don't worry.