Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Randomings Vol. 3


Who dat? I don't know why I found this so funny, but I love this part:

Back in WWII, US fighter squadron pilots would often fly under radio silence. But things get lonely up there in the cockpit, so after a while there'd be a crackle of static as someone keyed his mike. Then a disembodied voice would reply, "Who dat?" An answer would come, "Who dat say who dat?" And another, "Who dat say who dat say who dat?" After a few rounds of this, the squadron commander would grab his microphone and yell, "Cut it out, you guys!" A few moments of silence. Then... "Who dat?"


So for some reason whenever I'm driving around in GTA IV I always change the radio station to Techno music. I don't listen to Techno in my normal life, so why do I listen to it in game?


Wes Welker gets downright LIT UP in this from Sunday. I have no idea how he walks away from it.


So right next to where BLaZE and I sit there's a so-called "free table." Basically anyone can put leftover food from team meetings or group lunches for anyone to take. And people go BONKERS for this shit. I thought the "OMG FREE!!!1" mentality was strictly a college kid thing, but everything vanishes from this table within minutes of being put there. People can just sense that some is on the table and some stampeding over. We got Toppers a few months ago, and BLaZE put the left over Stix on the table. I'm pretty sure they didn't last more than 4 minutes. Leftover pizza, candy, cookies, muffins, sandwiches (what? who makes a homemade sandwich and then leaves it on the free table. More importantly, WHO WOULD TAKE IT??), soda, you name it, it's been on the free table. There was even a slow cooker of brats out there this summer. I'm sure someone was sitting back at their desk, mowing down on a brat while doing some TPS reports. Man, some of the people that work here.....sheesh.


Ric said...

So what you're saying is, you could just sit at your cube all day eating leftovers, as opposed to leaving your desk at any point during the day?

P.S. Your video is no longer available.

Gregor said...

Pretty much, yes. But it would be kinda suspicious if I just sat out in the hallway all day.

And the video should be fixed now, hopefully.

BLaZE said...

I always turned it onto the russian music station when I jumped in the car. Mostly for the chance to hear that 1 song that I can't really remember enough to describe.

Epic Gecko said...

I enjoyed the Vladivostok channel.

MrB said...