Monday, December 29, 2008

Access Denied

Me on "Trailer Trash Fridays" at work

I was about halfway to work this morning when I let out a Charlie Brown-esque "Aaugh!" I had forgotten my ID badge, the one that lets me into my office building. I contemplated going back, but in the words of Hank Thompson, "We've gone too far." There was no turning back. So I get to the parking lot, and everything goes into slow motion. The best way to get into the building without having the security guard is just ask someone else to scan you in. Now I typically get to the office around 7:50 or so. The rush of people usually come in at about 8:15 or so. I have to time this perfectly if I don't want to be waiting outside the doors like a creeper, waiting for someone else to scan me in. So I peek around the parking lot. No one else in sight. I make my way towards the door, my head on a swivel searching for someone, anyone, to be making their way towards the door. No one within 50 yards. Drat.... WAIT! I see a lady making her way towards the door, from far away. This is what it looks like.

Not actual picture of the lady.

So I kick it into 3rd gear, carefully avoiding ice patches while continuing my path of interception. I've got the inside track, and I'm closing fast. Further inspection reveals to me that the lady walks with a slight limp, which gave me just enough time to cut across the grass and catch the door she just opened. "Hey, I forgot my badge today. Can you swipe me in?" I say, while batting my eyelashes and tilting my head ever so slightly. "Sure," she says with a smile. Mission accomplished! Now if only I can find a way to get out of here...


Ric said...

You should keep your badge in your car, then you wouldn't have to worry about Sasquatch encounters.

Chad said...

True, this is what i do with my hunters run security card so i can get onto the grounds. It's not like you need it not at work. double negative for the win.

MrB said...

I carpool so that's not an option for me.

Here there is a doorperson and he makes you scan your badge even if the door is wide open, so that's a no go. Luckily all you have to do is tell them your badge number or phone ext. and they'll give you a temporary PINK badge to make you look like a douche all day, that way you don't forget next time.