Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why We Blog

Hard to believe that this is my 100th blog post. 5 months ago Chad and I decided to start blogging to give us something to do during work. Soon more and more people started joining us on this little circle of blogs, and I sincerely hope more people begin doing the same.I don't see a lot of my friends much anymore, but being able to keep people posted on what's going on in my life, even the mundane, is very cathartic. For some of us blogging is a way to spend time, to stay in touch with friends, to get things out of our head, or perhaps to let others know what we want for Christmas. Maybe we just want to rant about something, or perhaps to tell a story about ourselves that wouldn't ordinarily come up in conversation. But subconsciously I think we all blog because we want some proof that we existed, that we lived and breathed on this earth, that just because there are 106 billion other people that have been alive at one point doesn't mean that we're not individuals. That we made an impact on humanity, in some imperceptible way. We may never be a Nobel winning physicist, or a homicidal dictator, but we are the in-betweeners. Those that go to their "normal" job, live their "normal" life, yet this world would be a worse off place without them. That in 3,000 years when aliens come to Earth to find only a wasteland, one of their explorers will unearth a server and discover the writings of an earthling known as Gregor, who talked about something called the Brewers, the jobs he's had, and the things he loved in his lifetime.

And bathrooms.


menace said...

Xenaphilous: Zotribbot, Did you find anything about this ancient civilization?

Oggsphendon: Yeah, looks like we didn't miss much. And don't call me Zotribbot.


Ric said...

And video games.

MrB said...

Hey headdick, I was the one who originally proposed the idea of blogging amidst your failing book club when Chad came to visit. Get your facts straight.

And yes, aliens will want to know about these 'Veedeeo Gayms'.

Gregor said...

Really? I don't recall that. So you must be lying.