Monday, November 3, 2008

A Traffic Question

So here's something that's been bugging me for a while. When I leave work this traffic situation comes up every day. Let me break it down for you, and please refer to the picture. This is a typical stop-lighted intersection, and the vehicles traveling up and down have a normal green light, no arrows. Now, because Blue car is making a left turn, while Purple car is making a right turn, shouldn't Blue have to yield to Purple? Because if Purple was going straight then Blue most definitely would yield. And yet everyday I see Purple being all timid waiting for all the Blues to go first. I'm always Blue, so I stop and let Purple go, but I feel people behind me giving me the death stare. So am I crazy? Should Blue be yielding to Purple?

(Oh, and I won't be talking about what was brought up here, mainly because thinking about the world if I had died is super depressing. And Monday is depressing enough without that. Cheers.)


MrB said...

Blue must go first. Why? because after the light turns red all the blues will be stuck there, while purple still has the option to turn right. Assuming that there are a lot of cars going West to East, there is always a fairly long period of time before the light changes in which no one is moving. This is where purples can go as they please, while blues are pissed off at the idiot blue in front for giving even more time to purples.

menace said...

First off. Nice color choices, next time you should go with dark brown, and darker brown.

As for your question, im going to have to disagree with Ivan here. Mainly because the fact that blue is creeping out into the intersection. That maneuver, although popular, is actually illegal when you come down to it.

For me, when I am blue, I try to sneak in when I can. But nothing too risky. I fear that purple is just f'ing with you, and forgot to turn off their blinker. You assume that they are turning and you will get owned. I could talk more on the subject but its pretty much turned into a blog post.

Gregor said...

From "The Castle"

"blue should yield to purple. not only because purple signifies royalty but because of the reason you also described... if purple goes straight blue has to if purple turns... blue still yields"

Case closed!