Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things I Love #7: Cheese

One third of the Holy Trinity of Wisconsin (the other parts being Beer and Brats, naturally), Cheese is straight up one of my favorite things on this planet. My favorite food for years was Macaroni and Cheese. I have some version of cheese with every meal, and whenever I go out to eat there's always a little empty spot in my heart when they don't come out with a plate of freshly sliced cheese to set off a delicious steak, or some tasty string cheese with my plate of pancakes. Growing up we had cheese with darn near every meal. Colby was our weapon of choice, though cheese curds and slices of Cheddar were also prevalent.
I look at cheese the same way Bubba from Forrest Gump looked at shrimp: it's the fruit of the, err....sea? You can have broccoli and cheese soup, cheese curds (deep fried or normal), cheese dip for chips, grilled cheese, cheese and crackers, cheese crackers and sausage, shredded cheese to put on tacos, omelets, or chili, string cheese, cheese spread, or something I discovered at State Fair this summer, hot cheese on a stick. Cheese comes in so many forms and varieties that there's something for everyone. I've got a half chunk of Colby waiting for me at home, plus individual slices of Provolone, Pepper Jack, and Cheddar for my sammichs waiting for me at home.

Viva la queso!


Ric said...

I'm not sure I've expressed to you how much I absolutely cannot live without cheese.

Sharp cheddar is my heroin.

MrB said...

You think you have cheese but I ated it


BLaZE said...

When you missed Sarah's housewarming party you missed perhaps the best cheese I have ever consumed. It had been marinaded in an seasoned olive oil all day and served on crackers. Justin would be able to give you the details. To-die-for.