Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oscar Mike

Well, it's that time of year again when we'll be on the move. This is will be the 10th time I've moved since 2003, and every time it freaking sucks. Nothing makes you realize just how much crap you've got like packing it all up into boxes and shoving it into the nearest vehicle. Perhaps the only good thing about moving is that it makes me realize all the crap I have, and gives me some incentive to get rid of it. Unfortunately, I too have inherited the curse of pack rat from my parents. My dad keeps magazines for years and years after reading them, has more bowling balls than any man could possibly need, and never saw a piece of lumber he couldn't fit in our garage. However, I am determined to not go down that dark path. We'll be moving in early to mid-December, so I'm taking the next few trips back to my parents house to deposit some of my stuff up there. My mom is planning a garage sale for next summer, and that will give me a good reason to sell off a lot of my clothes that no longer fit/I don't wear at all. Anything that can't be sold will be given to Goodwill or another similar organization. I read an article when I was over at Erica's place about the 100 Thing Challenge, where a guy tries to live a full year with only 100 "things." While I think it's a good exercise in anti-consumerism it might be a bit much for a 23 year old guy trying to keep his sanity. There's a lot of stuff I really don't need to own, like all those DVDs I've collected over the years (how often do I actually watch any of them) or my 40 t-shirts (which are now only worn when I go out at night). Lots of things to think about getting rid of before I'm forced to box them up and move them....again.


Ric said...

I'm concerned my upbringing has forced me to retain as much crap regardless of if I move or not.

I think I've said this before but...
Exhibit A: The bedroom I once had at my mom's has been replaced by, among many many other things, a twin bed mattress, an armoire, and a loom.

Chad said...

"and never saw a piece of lumber he couldn't fit in our garage."

Obviously he never saw my 100-year-oak-like erection."

BLaZE said...

LOL @ Chad.

I think I might be the opposite. Although I definitely win in Tshirts. I was able to move every year in college and to my "I have a career now" apartment with 1 trip, in my intrepid. It was sure packed, but everything fit. Now with my new TV and furniture purchases, I fear moving more then anything in the world. It was sooo easy before. :-/