Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Pronounced "Ant"

I must have realized it before last year, but it was really pointed out to me in the summer of 2007 that I pronounce words slightly different than most people. I think the biggest offender is the word "aunt." Me and everyone in my family pronounce it "awwnt," like it rhymes with "taunt." Why? I have no idea. However, I am not alone in this "mis-pronunciation", as Addler from Kramp & Addler pronounced it the same way. After poking around on the Internet for a bit I found out that saying it different ways is a country-wide phenonomon. Different places pronounce it different ways. Is this similar to how the same game has different names? (beirut/beer pong, cornhole/bags/baggo). Back to pronunciations, I remember correcting a friend last year who was pronouncing the word "gyro" as it's spelled instead of the preferred way as "yee-row" (we were talking about the delicious Greek food). I was trying to stop him from sounding like an idiot, but his response was "That's how I've always heard it, and how my family says it. So fuck off." People don't like being corrected. In hindsight perhaps it's better to just let people pronounce things the way they want to rather than trying to correct them. But if I pronounce something wrong please let me know, I don't like looking like an ignorant fool. I now know that the word "chutzpah" is pronounced "hutzpah." And knowing is half the battle.


menace said...

Wop, short for wopitooie(sp?), is also known as jungle juice depending on where you are from. Don't ask why you reminded me of this. I didn't even realize it had an extended name until my Mom told me. Talk about awkward.

Ric said...

(asterisk by the right one)
Tomato = *toe-may-toe OR toe-maa-toe
Milk = *mill-k OR mell-k
Coupon = *coo-pon OR cue-pon
Pecan = pee-kann OR *pa-kann

I've got more, but I've got no time.

And, I pronounce it "awwnt" for the generic word, but when I'm referring to actual family, I say "ant." WTF?

MrB said...

Dude, i wouldn't be able to have a conversation with anybody if they corrected everything I say wrong, chill out, i learned to live with it, you should too. Wait, are you calling me ignorant?