Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Randomings Vol. 2


This site cracks me up. Maybe it's just because I was playing the Left 4 Dead demo last night, but zombies make me laugh. Best tagline is "Sometimes when there aren't enough people, I eat dogs! LOL" Zombies using LOL makes me happy. (Hap tip to Ric for the link).


So I woke up this morning to the usual sounds of Kramp and Addler. I laid there for a bit, then sat up and rubbed my eyes, like I usually do. Pulled the covers off of me, then looked to my right and noticed that my unused pillow didn't have the pillow case on it. I had torn the cover off the pillow in my sleep and then gently laid it right next to the pillow. WHAT? I've been known to talk in my sleep, mostly incoherent babble (last year sometime I talked about economics and money, apparently), but this is a new low. So a word of warning to whoever sleeps by me next: I'm liable to grab your pillow and tear the case off it. Or tear your face off.


Prepare to have your mind blown at the most difficult game conceived by sadistic humans. I've managed to make it 1.5 metres, but keep in mind I've only been trying FOR THE LAST HOUR.
(Hat tip to MightyGodKing for the link. The comments are rather good)
EDIT: 2.9 metres! A new record!


Quantum of Solace opens today across the US. I have a confession to make: The only bond movie I really enjoy is Casino Royale. Blasphemy, I know. Maybe it's because they've been parodied so well, or that the plots are mostly fucking absurd. Seriously, let me give you the plot synopsis for Die Another Day:
Bond’s search leads him to a mysterious billionaire, who’s involvement in diamond trading provides him with the means to build a diamond-encrusted satellite, a ’solar mirror,’ with the power to harness and concentrate the energy of the sun, creating a massive laser cannon powerful enough to destroy anything on earth in its path.

WHAT? Now you may say, "Bond has always been about over the top villains and plot devices." Look fella, it's 2008. That goofy shit doesn't fly anymore. If you want to be over the top with your movie then knowingly do it, like Shoot 'Em Up. I'll stick with plots about financing terrorize and the like. As such, Daniel Craig is the only Bond for me. Mostly because I could get lost in his eyes for days.....


Ric said...

If you placed the pillow neatly back, would that mean it'd be OVER the person's head your sleeping next to?
That might be considered manslaughter. Minimum.

But for the record, I'd rather you rip off the pillow case than punch me in the side again.

kiltrunner said...

You are a total animal.

Did Blaze ever tell you about the time he punched me in the face after I woke him up?

Pickles31186 said...

To comment on your Bond Story. You did pick out the Bond flick that was the most ridiculous, but the older Bond flicks are a little toned down. Some crazy parts... But even Casino Royal has its crazy parts. Watch the construction site fight scene. Goldfinger is a good classic Bond film. The bad guy plans to rob Fort Knox... that's pretty legit. I will agree that Die Another Day was way too ridiculous. This was obvious to everyone though, because they went in an incredibly new direction after that movie: new Bond actor, different plot (its more of a prequel), and Quantum of Solace is the first actual Bond film sequel. Sorry to ramble on, but I am a big Bond fan and I would hate for people to get the wrong impression of the classic Bond flicks.

BLaZE said...

I was going to come in here and say what pickles did. But im glad he did it a lot better then me. I too am a huge fan, and honostly, casino royale is my favorite. Ask V, we have watched it 20 times prolly.

The classics are legit. I loved goldeneye, and honostly, I don't even remember Die Another Day, I think I skipped that one. isn't it hte one with the halle berry scene. That would be why I forgot everything else. ;-)

PS. give me time and I'll beat your score in that impossible game. Then give shawn time and he'll beat the world.

Ric said...

4.2 m second try... but I'm concerned my editor might wonder WTF! is going on over here with me hitting four keys rapidly in succession. It doesn't sound like typing.

Gregor said...

@ Kiltrunner - No, but I'd love to hear that story.

@Pickles and Blaze - Perhaps I should give older Bonds another try.

@ Ric - I'm so good at running backwards it's not even funny. I was up to like 5 metres when he kicked it in reverse and started CRUISING backwards. It gave me the cube-giggles.

Epic Gecko said...

Just to show I've got too much time on my hands (to be fair it was the third attempt, it just takes forever): 20.5m. Zombie dating site for the win, though.