Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Some days I listen to my Zen with ear buds in. Some days I do not. This is one of the days that I do not. And I regret it. Because some one's phone alarm has been going off for the past 30 minutes now, and it's driving me fucking batty. It's the same exact alarm as Ric, and thus I'm used to it awakening me from my slumber. Plus the fact that it's barely perceptible, just slightly over the sound of silence, that's getting to me. "Just put in your earbuds," you tell me. And to that I say "get your fucking logic out of my face." Ric said,
"jajaja. Maybe you're just dreaming, and you need to wake up.

Wouldn't that be crazy."

God, that would be insane.

Anyways, I just heard it get a little bit louder! Oh wait, now someone turned it off. Celebrations are in order. Now I get to hear boring business people blather on about things that I don't really care about, while important work gets sidetracked for politics. Hooray cubicle work!


Ric said...

You know, if you forgot your Zen... you could always listen to Pandora.

Here are some good stations (I've learned to just type in the one artist, otherwise you'll confuse the hell out of it):
-Kings of Leon (duh -- I'm listening right now)
-Fleet Foxes OR MMJ (mellow)
-Vampire Weekend (fun!)
-Billie Holiday (jazz & blues)
-Nick Drake (nap @ cube)

BLaZE said...

Get your logic in order? Says the guy who wears his headphones every day, in BOTH ears. Which drives me crazy because the 1-2 times a year that I actaully talk over teh cube he doesn't reply. Which is extremely awkward for everyone involved. Everyone being me.

And yes, I only listen to music in 1 ear. Because I actually feel like someone might want to talk to me at work.

And I disagree with Ric's music. You should sign on to my pandora account and listen to "BA ROCK!!!!!!11" It's the tits. (Patokajj = my profile)

Gregor said...

I've listened to your "BA ROCK!!!!!!11" station before, it's far from the tits. It's probably more like the taint. Or the toes.

BLaZE said...

Fine. I'll take Toe Cleavage. It's the toe cleavage. A win-win.

Ric said...

That's like comparing aspartame to sugar.

MrB said...

i listen to music with both ears because I could die in my cubicle and if it wasn't because I carpool with eric i wouldn't be found for days.

BLaZE said...

I don't think I am alone here, so for everyone else. aspartame = nutrasweet.(equal, fake sugar)

kiltrunner said...

There isn't a day that has gone by I haven't heard Yankee Doodle Dandy from someone's cell phone.

Worst part is that I caught myself rocking out to it just now, and remembered your post.