Monday, October 27, 2008

You are an Ice Pirate

Friday I went to my first Milwaukee Admirals game. I know practically nothing about hockey, and I hadn't heard anything good about the Admirals from Ivan, who attended a game last year. But I gotta say, I had an absolute blast. We got there right when a fight was breaking out on the ice, and then the Admirals scored right afterwards to get us excited from the start. We had prime seats, 8 rows up right at half court (half rink? half field? I know it's an ice rink, but it feels weird calling it half rink). The beer was flowing, there was lots of entertainment between the periods, with the highlights being a Merkt's cheese spread race (similar to the Sausage race at Miller Park), a giant slingshot that shot people on snow saucers into giant bowling pins, and then a freaking pirate ship came out on the ice and started shooting t-shirts into the stands. Not too shabby for a $14 ticket, though $7 beer hurts a bit. Just one more fun thing to do during the winter in Milwaukee.

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