Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"State works to restore furry, ferocious martens" was a headline that caught my eye this morning on JSonline. So I clicked on the article, only to be greeted with a fantastic quip:
How fierce are they? One researcher contends that if martens were as big as
black bears, there would be no humans living in the North Woods.

Abbbbwhhaaaaat? Martens, which look like this (or is it this?) would actually be the size of this:

Holy crap! Can you imagine that?? It would be like the times before that goon Columbus came over and white people went crazy killing everything with 2+ legs. We wouldn't be the top animal on the planet anymore! Huge martens, roaming the northwoods tearing up anyone foolish enough to venture into their domain. Until of course the Canadians found a way to tame the 600 lb martens and used THEM for mounted cavalry when they attempted to invade America after we go down in flames. I, for one, welcome our giant marten riding Canadian overlords.

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