Friday, October 24, 2008

Look Ma!

A very special edition of In The Fade today, folks. I brought in my digital camera and snapped some pics of my cube so you can see where the magic happens. And by "magic" I of course mean where write this blog. On to the pretty pictures!

So this is my desk area. It's fucking messy. I'll probably clean it up a bit after I'm done typing this up. I've got my dual monitors, box of crap, mirror, and schedules for softball and kickball on the right.

This is under my shelf on the left side. I've got a few phone numbers, pics of my nieces,and a button of my gf Hayden Panettiere (hey baby!). I don't think I've touched that cd on my desk since March. Kinda gross.

Here's the shelf directly above that. Left to right I've got my recycling bin (with one empty soda bottle, the only caffeine I've had at work in 6 months), a Packers 1997 Super Bowl football that Ross turns over everyday, Captain America, Aragorn, a Hot Wheels Porsche, and Jim Gantner with his paperclip bat. Behind that is my Greg St. sign I've had since I was 6, and cassette tapes of the soundtracks for the first two Turtle Movies. Sorry ladies, I'm already taken.

Here's my 2008 calendar. I mark off everyday, otherwise I never know the date. And my badass current desktop, the Tree Brains logo (which you can find here).

And here's my junk drawer. I've got two things of gum, my Zen, a Tide pen, contact solution, Chap Stick, hand lotion, fingernail clippers, change, a cloak for Aragorn (in case it gets cold in here), my spare belt, nose spray, hand sanitizer, another sanitizer thing, and a little first aid kit. I'm thinking about attaching all of the stuff to my belt and basically running around the building fighting crimes with my Batman-esque utility belt.


Ric said...

That Hayden sure is a lucky girl.

BTW, I spotted your red FILA water bottle -- didn't they stop making that brand back in 1997?

MrB said...

Wow, you have dolls on your shelf.

Looks like you moved in to your cube with all the crap you have there. In my cube all i did was take a harley calendar, rip all the pictures and pin them to my walls... and that's about it. I have a dart board too which i play about 3 times a day.

Why are your monitors so tiny?

Gregor said...

They're action figures, asshole.

And I had to fight to get a second monitor. The Company is cheap.

Gregor said...

And FILA is making a comeback this year. Or so they tell me....

viclicious said...

This is weird...for one that I actually checked your blog today. Second, that I brought in my camera to work today to show Jesse what it looks like on my side. I find it disturbing that you posted the contents of your desk on the internets for all to see. And lastly, it might be weirder that I have that I have a Legolas doll that could potentially be playing with your Aragorn doll, but he's still in the box (40 yr old virgin, anyone?).

Ric said...

If it makes you feel any better, I only have one monitor -- and it's the size of one of those. Plus, my CPU takes up about a 2'x 2' area of my desk.