Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's 5 AM...

There's a commercial on 102.1 Alternative Rock that's been playing for the last 6 or 7 months now, and it drives me crazy. It's for PC Pro Schools, which promises to take all our money, get you Microsoft certified and set you up with a temp job doing Helpdesk work. However, the commercials are the most annoying thing in the world. They are overplayed, to the point where I will hear them at least once a day on my commute...and immediately turn the station to something else. Isn't that the OPPOSITE of what they want? I thought I was the only one that was getting bugged by the commercials only to find out that Jesse and Andy felt the same way. Fast forward to last week: Andy comes in informing us that during the segment "People Helping People be People," 3 different callers commented on how annoying those commercials were, that they were overplayed, etc. The cult of hate is spreading! And it was brought up AGAIN this week, which Kramp and Addler promptly hung up on the caller. We're trying to send a message, guys! I understand that PC Pro Schools have basically paid both your salaries this year with how much money they've thrown into this ad campaign, but ask them to change up the commercial once a month, or play different ones. It's f'n annoying.


MrB said...

Let's see if I can write a fucking script off the top of my head:

It's 5:00 am... another day at the grind is here.

I jump in the shower and wonder if my job is even secure.

As a husband and father I'm ? (pressed) to provide a better future.


Whore: Wake up honey, today is the first day at your new job.

Whiny bitch: I was dreaming I was stuck at my old job. BLAH BLAH BLAH Pro Schools.

* Pro Schools blabbering *

Not too sure about the details, it's been months since i last heard the whole thing. my brain has been programmed to instanly go to the The HOG to listen to the old farts for about a minute while the disasters passes.

Tokes said...

muah good morning justin, time to get up for your first day at the new job,

wow, i was dreaming that i was still stuck at my old job, i still cant believe that I am a certified computer professional. where would i be if we hadn't called pc pro schools and enrolled in their 6 month training program. now i have a real job, respect, and a future.

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