Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Hypocrite

So my esteemed friend Pickles stayed up until 4 AM Monday morning playing Guitar Hero, and was talking about being super tired at lunch on Monday. He was thinking that he should go home and take a nap, and I told him that was a bad idea. He'd be better off just staying awake and going to bed earlier to make up for it, otherwise he'd take a nap and then wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Cut to yesterday, when I was having the worst time trying to stay awake towards then end of the day. I got out of work early and had a headache, but still had a softball game later in the evening. So I got home, laid down for an 1.75 hour nap to recharge my batteries. I awoke feeling much better, went out and played the game, and came back home at around 10:00 PM. I got things ready for the next bed, talked to the 'rents, and hit the hay. And then laid there. For 45 minutes. My mind was going over everything in my archives, re-assessing the day and planning out things for the rest of the week. Sleep wasn't going to happen. Now it's 11:15. I finally concede defeat and get up to fold some laundry. And poop. 11:25. Still not tired. I clean up all my clothes on the floor, putting stuff in the laundry bag. 11:31. Start making a To Do list for the rest of the week. 11:40. Wide awake. Hang up my brand new Brewers pennet. 11:45. Man this sucks. Contemplate turning my computer back on to play Far Cry 2, but then decide to read Game Informer. Finally I find my "warm milk." I'm out by 12:14 am.

And so, never again will I attempt the midweek nap unless I wish to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. My apologies Mr. Pickles, I should have taken a dose of my own advice.


MrB said...

Dude I thought we had already established this. Naps in the middle of the day are very bad for you. They fuck up with your sleeping schedule and you end up feeling like shit afterward anyway. just thought it out.

i did take an hour nap last week after work.

Ric said...

I've found that no matter how tired I am at work, even if I don't nap I'm wide awake at 9 PM until about 11 or 12 AM.

But really, mid-week naps are a terrible idea.

Pickles31186 said...

I actually went against your advice on Monday, I could not stay awake and I think I freaked out on a begger... who knows. I took an hour and a half nap. It felt delicious! I did stay up until 1am on Monday, but that was another guitar hero escapade.

menace said...

You know all that cleaning, and pooping, and pennant upping could have been replaced with a single 2 dose powerchug of nightquil.

Just my 2 cents. :-o