Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Randomings

The Sneeze is a great blog I happened to StumbledUpon the other day. The best place to start on there is Steve, Don't Eat It! where Steve proceeds to buy all manner of gross shit at the store and eats it, describing the taste and such. I don't recommend reading it right before lunch, but it's funny, and rather disturbing. Dude drinks his wife's breast milk, for Allah's sake.
Speaking of food, last week I had Colombian cuisine for the first time. And today for lunch I'm going to Tandoor for my first try at Indian food. As if my insides doesn't hate me enough the way it is.

This still cracks me up.

Bees. My God.

I don't think you can use the term "My God" without coming off as a Soap Opera star. Sorry Batman.


When I was at the stoplight of a major intersection this morning I saw a furry creature scampering amongst the cars. Sure enough, a muskrat from the nearby pond decided it was his day to die. Miraculously he made it through the whole intersection without getting creamed, then proceeded to investigate the rims of a car by sticking his head inside of it. After that I couldn't see him, but I'll check for a blood stain on my way home. Unfortunately all it did was remind me of this.


After 6 months of having practically no one by my cube other than Jesse it appears that people will be moving in very soon. This is very disheartening. How am I supposed talk to spend all my time on humor websites laughing at goofy pictures if I'm constantly being told to "keep it down" and "don't you ever do work?" I feel my style shall be severely cramped.

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Ric said...

Ooh Indian food -- you should try the Chicken Tikka.

It's the official food dish of Great Britain. Tell me if that makes any sense.