Monday, October 13, 2008

The Downside of Globalization

These little buggers. I hates them. It seems they've become more and more prevalent the past few years. I remember tearing off siding at my summer time job and just choking on how many dead Asian beetles would come shooting out. According to this website, the beetles were brought in to control pests of pecans and apples down in the South, but they've spread everywhere (my brother said they were out in South Dakota last week). When we were working on the shed this weekend they were constantly trying to fly in my mouth and shirt, biting and bugging the crap outta me. Go away! Stay out of our buildings!

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Ric said...

I'll partially blame the recent heat wave, but these things have been attacking the INSIDE of my house.

So I got the vacuum out yesterday and started sucking them up.