Friday, October 3, 2008

Do Not Disturb

For once I'd like to go take a deuce here at work and NOT have the cleaning lady knock on the door midway through. Lady, you just cleaned the place 1 hour ago, it doesn't need to be inspected that often. We're not shitting on the walls in here, for Pete's sake. Going to the bathroom is like a mini-vacation for me in the middle of the day. And when you come in there going "housekeeping!" you seriously throw off my chi. There's nothing pleasant about rushing a poop. Not a darn thing. Even my attempts of going up 2 floors, where the bathroom is mostly vacant, have led to many a interrupted bathroom break. I really don't ask for much: 10 minutes of solitude on the throne, that's it!

*le sigh*

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MrB said...

I was going to reply to this but once again it turned into a post of my own.