Thursday, October 23, 2008


I had to eat by myself today at work. This isn't necessarily a big deal, in that I enjoy eating by myself most of the time. However, when you're eating at your desk in a quiet ass office building you begin to realize just how loud chewing is. Granted, I had some noisy food like kettle potato chips, pickles and turkey sammichs, but good lord I think someone replaced my teeth and mouth with a trash compacter. Perhaps a wood chipper. One thing my papa bear taught me was to masticate with my mouth closed, and I try to stick to that but the downside of that all that gnashing and crushing echoes throughout your pumpkin instead of being projected out for all to hear.
Thankfully the sounds of me sobbing partially covered up the chewing symphony.


Ric said...

You know what else sucks at work? When some brings some rank fast food or leftovers from home, and heats them up for all to smell.

It's almost as bad as burnt popcorn.

MrB said...

We have a guy here that stinks up the whole joint.

Every day he has a huge tupperware container of Tobasco and Chilli. Emphasis on the Tobasco. It clears your nostrils right up when you walk by.

Eating at your desk isn't too bad (although i haven't done it in months now). You have the company of Lieutenant Winthers or Petter Griffin.

menace said...

Worse then rank smells are the triple order of topperstix people set next to air ducts here. I think its the worst type of torture.