Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Across the Bar

I was surprised to see you at that bar. I heard you were in town, and I honestly thought I'd run in to you sooner, but I guess the stars were aligned that night. I indulged in a few others before I finally got up the courage to approach you. You felt so good in my hands, your smell intoxicating. You touched my lips, and I knew what I had been missing over all these years.

I had fallen in love.

With a beer.

Schlitz recently started making it's "Classic 1960s formula" again, and as a beer aficionado I was intrigued by "The Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous." These three articles do a much better job of talking about the beer, and this summer's shortage than I ever could. Regardless, I really enjoyed my first pitcher of "old" Schlitz, and look forward to diving into it again soon.

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