Monday, September 22, 2008


As as unabashed child of the 90s, the cancellation of Total Request Live on MTV has me rather sad. I remember coming home from school in 8th grade every day and plopping down in front of the TV to see if Backstreet Boys would stay in the #1 position for the 27th day in a row, or to watch the premiere of Eminem's newest video. TRL was basically the only time you could watch videos on MTV at the time, and I was right in my impressionable stage where seeing rappers talking about hoes and money was the highlight of my culture absorption. Sure, there was a penchant for there to be too much screaming from the studio audience, but it was neat seeing actors and musicians interacting with a small crowd. Also, during every summer they would relocate from New York to Florida or California right on the beach, so I got to live vicariously through all of the model-esque individuals in the audience there. You'll be missed, TRL.

Ahhh, 1998.....When Carson Daly was dating (the still hot) Tara Reid and Jennifer Love Hewitt.


Ric said...
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Ric said...

I remember when they started Total Request Live as "MTV Live." Daly played random videos and had guests drop by unannounced, or for no reason.

Even TRL started interviewing more guests in lieu of playing entire videos. Music Television my ass. Good riddance.

Remember MTV After Hours? Now WTF happened to THAT.

Greatest. thing. ever.