Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quirky Things I Did as a Kid

  • Scribble fake cursive on a piece of paper, crumble it up a bunch of times, then pretend it was an ancient treasure map.
  • "Turn on the furnace" in the woods next to our house before heading in for the night by taking a little stick (the match), pretending to light it, then putting it in the "pilot light" of this gnarly old tree on the edge of the woods.
  • Load up my Darkwing Duck fanny pack with all sorts of crime fighting tools (flashlight, little plastic bottle that magically turned into anything i needed, length of rope, mirror) and solved crimes around my house as Batman.
  • Kept various lengths of sticks in my garage to use as bos, sais, and katanas for when I played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with my neighbor Paul. Luckily had a pair of nunchucks that I got at the Edgar carnival for when I was Michelangelo.
  • Use large boxes (from fridges, etc) and turn them into cars, planes, whatever type of vehicle my imagination required. Drew wheels, wings, windows, and handles on with pen.
  • Never got any big playset for my action figures when I was young, so I always had to make them out of small cardboard boxes and the rolls from toilet paper. They were super sweet, though, with trapdoors, multiple stories (using the toilet paper rolls as supports), and decorated to the max with stickers and stuff).
  • Took the wheels off of a Dukes Hazzard police car and pretended it was a boat while playing at the beach.
  • Combined Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, Go-Bots, and Police Academy into one big universe where they all interacted.
  • Started a "bank" at school with the "Fun Stuff Coupons" we used to get in 4th grade for doing good things. The coupons could be used to get toys and books from this big box that Mrs. Wood had. I had the bright idea of being the bank for everyone, holding on to their coupons, and over time I'd pay them interest with my own coupons. It never dawned on me that banks make money from giving loans, which you can't really do with those coupons.
  • Used this folding bow and arrow as a huge jet, flew around the house with it and engaged the "wings" when it was time to fly really fast. Used my then empty closet as it's hangar (my room had been cleaned out to recarpet and repaint it). Cried when I had to move stuff back into my room, thus losing the super sweet hangar.

I was kind of a weird kid.

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Ric said...

I made maps too. Except, I would put dirt in water and splash it on the wrinkled paper... to make it look older.