Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Just Those Little Things

It's been said before, and by better people than me, but it's the little things in life that really make me feel alive. Things, that when taken put against the canvas of life might now seem like much at all, but when taken in the moment (as they truly should be) make life worth living. You can spend your whole life trying to hang your hat on the big moments that leave your mark in this world, or you can take it a day at a time, living for the moment and enjoying all the little things like:
  • an ice cold bottle of beer after a long day at work
  • the look, feel, and smell of fresh cut green grass
  • laughing so hard that I start crying
  • ..especially when people are looking at us and wondering what's so darn funny
  • hearing one of your favorite songs being played to perfection by a cover band
  • cruising with the windows down on a beautiful sunny day
  • the first time you jump into a pool, not realizing how cold the water was
  • watching little kids interact with dogs and cats
  • an old couple holding hands while walking in a park
  • getting ahold of one in softball and sending it deep into left field
  • eating so much that moving hurts
  • laying on a hammock reading a book or napping
  • a homecooked meal after being away for months
  • sharing a laugh with my Dad and brothers
  • Seeing old friends and picking up right where we left off
  • waking up the morning after the first heavy snow of the year
  • wearing shorts when it finally hits 50 degrees in the Spring
  • the smell of campfire on my sweatshirt after camping
  • opening the door for an appreciative person with thier hands full

So when's the last time something like this happened to you?


MrB said...

Taking a mammoth sized shit after holding it for an hour. And I'm not talking about in a diarrehay fashion. I'm talking about a big solid block of shit that leaves a vacuum effect in your intestines as it comes out. Awesome.

Tokes said...

Best. Reply. Ever.