Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For Those About to Rock...

Great news for AC/DC fans: An expansion pack for Rock Band will have over 18 songs from AC/DC, essentially their greatest hits. One of the first cds I ever purchased was AC/DC Live, after listening to it non-stop at my friend Phil's house while playing basketball. It was my first experience with hard rock, and I loved it. I've listened to that cd so many times I'm surprised it still plays without skipping.
Now, as much as I loved the first few Guitar Heroes, there was one big omission from the list of notable rock bands: AC/DC (and Led Zeppelin. And the Beatles). While the guitar playing may not be intricate, Angus Young's heavy power chords are always recognizable. And as he so artfully put, "It's just rock and roll." Listening to the album right now is bringing a smile to my face =)
And one more thing. I've told myself that if I ever make the Brewers my entrance music will be the beginning of "Whole Lotta Rosie." The Live version has the crowd chanting "Angus!" between the guitar riffs, but in Miller Park they'd be chanting my last name instead. Maybe next year I'll grace the team with my amazing batting skillz.

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MrB said...

We have no pedal = no rocking