Friday, September 19, 2008

A Follow-Up...

...To this post from yesterday. Jesse pointed out this blogpost from one of the writers at Go ahead and read it: it's long, but brings up some amazing points. Mainly, WTF is wrong with the media?? I wish to put forth this hypothesis: The news media has fundamentally changed from delivering news to delivering watercooler talk. Back in the day the news would report the happenings of the government, and the people would read that and then talk about other stuff that people tend to talk about (what politicians are wearing, their sex lives, wacky relatives, etc.) But sometime in the past 20 years it has shifted to the point that the news media actually REPORTS on the gossipy shit ("OMG, did you see Palin's glasses! Becky, Obama toooootaally wasn't wearing a flag pin on his suitcoat. Is he, like, a communist?") and then people talk about it. The vital part of their job, actually reporting where candidates stand on positions, how they've changed over time, etc, is completely missing from the equation. How in the HELL are we supposed to know what's going on if you don't keep us informed? News media can't follow the typical business model of "do what's popular, just because it's popular." Sometimes you've got to forgo popularity in order to do what is right, in this case educate the people of America on the issues that will help determine who we vote for. Writing about "pig on a lipstick" and "Reverend Timothy Wright" might be more exciting than going over a candidates economic policy, but by God it's your duty to help educate the masses. Ignorance and apathy are the enemies of democracy, do your part to help fix those problems CNN, Time, Newsweek, and all the other media congolmerates out there.

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