Monday, September 15, 2008

Dancing Days are Gone Again.

Oh Brewers, what has happened to you?? You were on fire in August, winning nearly every game you played. Since then you've gone 3-11, letting your lead in the Wildcard slip away like sand through your fingers. Then there was the comments from Cory Hart that the team felt looser playing away then they did at home, because of the booing on their recent homestand. Granted, I hate it when people boo during a game. Does anyone really think that booing Eric Gagne when he comes out to pitch is going to help him pitch better? How would we like it if someone booed us at OUR day job? I know I'd start cracking under the pressure. I wish Miller Park was more like Busch Stadium in one regard: when the Cardinals start doing bad the crowd just becomes quiet. No booing, just silence. I think that's a great way to show displeasure than booing the guys you were just cheering your asses off for a few innings back. Now it's become kind of hard to watch the Brewers lately, just because every time I turn on the game their down by 4 runs, and no one has any pop or excitement to them. It's like they are all walking The Green Mile to their doom of not making the playoffs for the 26th year in a row. I know that no Brewer reads this, but FIRE THE FUCK UP!! You guys are young and talented! Figure out what you're doing wrong at the plate and change it. Don't get down on yourselves, guys, but look why you're stinking. Take a cue from Gabe Kapler and stay positive, yo! I'll keep watching, but the time is now to turn this thing around and remind everyone why you guys were the hottest team in the Big Leagues throughout much of the season. We want those dancing days back!

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MrB said...

It would be awesome to have a crowd watching me at work. I'd be laughing my ass off while they're booing me.