Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crimpin' Ain't Easy

I'll admit it: for a few years in high school I was really into rap music. Fine gentlemen like Ludacris, DMX, and the Big Tymers were constantly blasting from the speakers of whatever car I was in at the time. The upcoming release of Eminem's protege onto the unsuspecting public was counted down in homeroom like it was New Year's Eve. I still have a mix CD made for me by my buddy Dave called "$hill's Ghetto Mix." Yes, that's a dollar sign. I blame this all squarely on MTV. Around 2001 MTV began showing a LOT of rap videos, and rappers were on TRL and the VMAs. It was only natural that an impressionable young kid from an almost exclusively white town would be fascinated by bling and cars and women's butts shaking in the camera. And while I never started dressing or talking like a lil gangster, my taste in music at that time was...deplorable. However, I absolutely LOVE when I hear certain rap songs from that time period, because I (sadly) know almost all the lyrics to them.
BTW, the title comes from my summer job of working in the ginseng gardens at the time. We'd have to attach s hooks to wires that were strung throughout the garden. Then we'd go through and crimp the s hook to the wire, to make sure it stayed. Our motto was "crimpin' ain't easy, but it's necessary." Aaaah, dorky white kids.


MrB said...

We share similar shameful pasts. Yet, I still like a fair amount of rap music. Eminem was the coolest shit ever back when I was in Colombia (to me anyway, i was the odd one out, everybody else was doing the salsa). To this day I still like eminem... he's releasing a new album this year. Hopefully it'll be good old crazy ass shit like what he did in the late 90s and early 2000s as opposed as his shitty music as of late. I can only hope.

Ric said...

I think our generation was just subjected to awful, catchy MTV rap music. I'm guilty of the same. I have a mixed rap CD called "For the Ladies and the Fellas: Chillin' G. 2003." Ugh.

It hasn't gotten much better. BUT, it's not all terrible.

Exhibit A: Lil Wayne.