Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back in Town

Last week I got invited to return to UW-Whitewater and attend the Career Fair there as a representative for my Company. The Company tries to send out one of their HR reps along with a few recent graduates, so that there is a diverse group of people manning their booth. And so, as I head back to Whitewater for a presentation next Tuesday, then for the Career fair on Wednesday, I flashback to 1.5 years ago in the Spring of '07. I figured it was about time to get a job that really pertained to my major, so I looked through the list of jobs being offered at the fair, figured out the companies I should apply to, and printed up some resumes. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I walk into the career fair to find that nearly every other guy was wearing a suit and tie, with their leatherbound binders and shiny watches. I walked around, talking to the companies on my list and finding out most of them were looking for programmers, rather than networking guys like myself. I tried to keep my hopes up, but my options were quickly dwindling. I stopped at The Company's booth, and (learning from my past mistakes) asked them what kind of IT people they were looking for. The guy said "mostly programmers," but I still asked if he would like my resume. He said yeah, we shook hands and I moved a few feet away to look at the map for the next booth to head to. I felt a tap on my shoulder, and the guy (his name was Marcus, I think) asked if it would be ok to ask me some more questions. I beamed and let out a "Yeah, definitely!" So we talked about my schooling and experience a bit more, I asked him what he did at The Company, and we parted ways with me feeling a lot better about it. A few days later I received a phone call from their HR department, and setup a phone interview with one of their IT managers. I apparently did well enough on the phone interview to be invited to The Company's HQ for whole day of interviews for an internship position. When I got there we were shuttled into an auditorium with dozens of other people. Jamie, the HR lady that I had talked to on the phone came over and introduced herself and I realized that I knew her from my hometown! She said, "You're Bryan's little brother, right?" It really is a small world. Anyways, I got hired for the internship, got a full-time offer out of it, and now I'm happily employed here. And now the cycle starts over, in that I get to hopefully help someone else find a good job here.


MrB said...

Happily employed?

Ric said...

I was always skeptical of career fairs, namely because it seems a lot of them focus on IT positions, or insurance and finance jobs.

They offer a great way to network, and find out about different employment opportunities, but it was never applicable really to my field. hmpf.