Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've never broken a bone in my body. Through all the years of climbing trees, playing football, rough housing, biking down steep hills, jumping off rope swings into rivers, etc, I've never had to have anything casted or set, which is kind of a miracle. I've sprained everything I possible could ( to the point where my left thumb is now double jointed) and dislocated the very tip of my middle finger on my left hand (football practice in high school), but other than the two stories below, I just don't get hurt very often.

Two of my worsts were actually both this past summer. I was walking down the steps at a local bar before a softball game when I misjudged the number of steps and rolled my ankle. I heard a crunch, let out a yelp, then hobbled over to the bar and ordered a beer. Unfortunately everyone thought I was just being a goof and acting like I rolled it, so no sympathy was thrown my way. I elevated my ankle on a bar stool, but it swelled up real fast, and I figured I'd broken something. I played the game, and it actually felt decent when I was running around. However, it remained rather swollen and purple for a week or so before finally healing up.

Then this past week I went for a jog after lifting, and pushed myself a little harder than usual because I hadn't worked out in a while. Then Saturday I had a kickball tournament, and my left leg, right below the kneecap started hurting halfway through the game. I stretched some more whenever there was a lull in play, figuring it was just from not stretching enough beforehand. But then it started hurting in the same spot on the other leg! I hobbled around between innings, figuring I'd given myself shin splints from pounding the pavement so hard on Wednesday. They still hurt a little bit a few days later, but I looked up shin splints on webmd.com, and I don't think that's the issue (apparently shin splints hurt the whole way down the shin, not just right below the knee). Anyways, my goal is to not do any running until softball starts up again on Tuesday. I may be unbreakable, but good golly I'm not invulnerable.

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