Thursday, August 14, 2008

Roadtrip Day #8: California Love

We slept in at Steve and Brittney's place, then had an amazing breakfast at Denny's. Afterwards we got some advice on what we should do for the day. We made our way back up the Pacific Coast Highway to Newport Beach, were we swam and soaked up the sun for a while. The water was cold, but clear, and even though it wasn't super sunny it was still a nice day at the beach. From there we made our way up to Venice Beach, where we walked the boardwalk (staring at all the crazy people and odd shops) and then ate at Danny's. Two of the walls there were covered with paintings of famous people who had a part in Venice life (including Jim Morrison, James Dean, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more.) An amazing plate of nachos, delicious sandwiches with french dip sauce, and a Coke float make me content and full enough to continue the journey up to Hollywood Blvd. Unfortunately my car started overheating from all the stop and go traffic, so we had to pull into a parking lot near then and while we waited for it to cool down we walked around and looked at the stars on the sidewalk (while humming "Celluloid Heroes" by the Kinks). Charlie spotted a Pepboys, so we picked up some coolant and filled up the car. And thus we started making our way home, through Las Vegas. We sweated the 4 hour drive through the desert (it doesn't cool down nearly enough at night) and snagged the last room at a Holiday Inn Express, and crashed for the night at 2 in the morning.

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Tokes said...

We had a discussion today during lunch you might be able to answer. Are there any restaurants, fast food, or beverage/food items which we are completely unaware of here in the midwest, or even WI?

Thanks you for your time. Godspeed.