Thursday, August 14, 2008

Roadtrip Day #6: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

It's amazing how a good night of sleep can really get you going for the day. Lucas woke us up around 8:00, so we had breakfast with the kids and Robin, and then he took us on a driving tour of the downtown area, showing us where he used to live, where Little Italy and Chinatown were. Apparently back in the 70s there was a Safeway grocery store that was a singles hook-up area. People looking to hookup would go there with one item in their grocery cart looking for someone to take home for the night. Oh the 70s..... There is also a building down there where Francis Ford Coppola edited Apocalypse Now. Robin dropped us off and we walked around North Point, had a few beers at Kennedy's Pub around 1:00, then had some more drinks down by Fisherman's Wharf. After that we lunched at In N Out (Double Double with grilled onions was real good), Charlie picked up some sandals and we headed to Jack's Cannery, where we started talking with Phil and Emma, a couple on their honeymoon from Buckingham, England. They had spent the past two weeks in Hawaii, were in San Fran for the day and night, and then were off to Vegas before heading back to sunny ol' Britain. Charlie got a call from Robin, informing us that a friend of Robin's would be taking out his sailboat on the San Francisco Bay. We immediately said yes, finished out pints, and headed out to Pier 39 to meet up with Hans, our captain for the evening. Hans was exactly as I pictured: big bushy beard, long hair, chipped front tooth, saying "dude" and "man" a whole bunch. We helped put some lights up on his boat, the "Escape" while he rigged up the electric engine. His friend from New Orleans, Jeb, joined us shortly afterwards. I went and bought some sweatshirts for the ride (it was getting, cooler, and foggy by this time). By this time Hans had the boat up and running, so we started leaving the pier. We only made it about 40 yards when we realized that we'd stopped moving. Charlie and I manned the port side, keeping us off of the giant concrete pier while Hans and Jeb tried figuring out what was wrong with the engine. 30 minutes later they discovered a pin had popped out of the chain (thankfully their original assumption that the propeller had fallen off was incorrect.) With that fixed we headed out for a quick ride, since it was dark by this time. Still it was neat "tacking" and tightening ropes and stuff. After we got back to our slip we thanked Jeb and Hans and headed out to find some beer. We stopped in at the San Francisco Brewery for a few beers, caught the highlights of the Brewer and Packer games, then went on in search of future adventures. Luckily we stumbled upon a strip that had about 7strip clubs in on block, and since Charlie had never been to one we purchased wristbands to get into 4 of the clubs. I bought Charlie a private lap dance in the back (most awkward experience of his life, especially after she swindled $40 more out of him.) After strip club hopping we went for some late night burritos, then headed home and passed out again.

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