Thursday, August 14, 2008

Roadtrip Day #5: California Dreamin'

We woke up at the campground around 8:30, and starting making our breakfast of hot dogs, chips and baked beans on the grill. The campground owner came up on his golf cart and asked us, essentially, what the fuck we were doing. We informed him that we had come in late last night, found a spot, put our money in the Late Night registration box and passed out. He reprimanded us for putting up a tent in a site specifically for campers and asked us to pay the extra money for the site. What a jerk. We made sure to take extra long showers to get our moneys worth. With that we hopped in the car and continued on our way to San Francisco. We came into SF over the Golden Gate bridge, and it was covered in fog, making it look like we were driving straight into hell. There were tons of people walking and biking on the sidewalk of the bridge, which was kind of neat to see. We drove into town and found a place to get some burgers while Charlie called his cousin. His cousin's husband gave us directions to their place, but also told us to go up to Twin Peaks, which gave us a spectacular view of the whole city. After driving through such hot temps the past few days it was a relief to be in 70 degree weather with a strong breeze. Alero was much happier too. We arrived at Terry (the cousin) and Robin (the British husband)'s residence and talked with them for a while before their twin 3 year old kids woke up from their nap. I've never seen two kids with more energy than Rachel and Lucas. They make Charlie look like a sloth in comparison. Terry and Robin gave us a quick tour of their neighborhood while we walked down to get some sweet corn at the fruit and veggie store. The great thing about their neighborhood is that everything they could possibly need is within a few blocks of them: barbers, groceries, restaurants. And it's not a busy, crime-riddled neighborhood either; it's still very nice, with friendly neighbors. Anyways, we came back and grilled up some steaks and corn. After that we played with the kids for a while, talked to the parents, and then headed to bed. Sleeping on the equivalent of a gravel driveway the night before kinda took it out of us.

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Tokes said...

Can't believe that douche made you pay extra for a campsite. Unless a camper came in after you fell asleep and had to leave for another campground because you guys were in the last available spot, unless that happened, theres no f'ing reason you needed to pay. You shoulda burned something down on your way out.