Sunday, August 10, 2008

Roadtrip Day #4: The Oregon Trail

We woke up at the Best Western around 8:30, and while Charlie went to go workout I dropped my car off to get the oil changed on it and started strolling around the town. I stopped in at the Vistor's Center, got a map of the town, and found out where The Goonies house and the Kindergarten Cop school were. We packed up at the hotel, made our way through town, and laughed hysterically when we stumbled upon the school. It looks exactly the same! I can't wait to watch the movie and see other parts of the town, too. Astoria is beautiful, with some neat houses up on the hill, including the one from the Goonies. With that checked off our list we started making our way to California. Charlie has cousins in San Francisco, and my friend Amber is in Sacramento, so those were our destinations. I honestly slept through most of Oregon, but what I saw was rather nice. However, we decided to take a detour to Redwood National Park on the Northwest coast of California, and boy was it worth it. Check out the pictures that Charlie posted, they are amazing. He made the comment that "I'm expecting Ewoks to come jumping out at us", and Erica later informed us that Return of the Jedi was filmed in the same forest we were in! Very exciting for a dork like me. With darkness creeping in we kept on trucking through California along the coast, and eventually stopped at a campground, filled out the late night application, put up out tent and passed out.

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