Saturday, August 9, 2008

Roadtrip Day #3: Joe Montana, Idaho Potatoes, and Denzel Washington

(Pics for the first two days can be found here)

Another morning of waking up in the car. We got back on the road for a while, then stopped at a Flying J to get breakfast, check our email, and regroup for a bit. It's been a week since I've shaved, and I'm starting to realize that I'm incapable of growing a beard; it just doesn't come in thick enough yet. It's also been 50 hours since I showered, and my hair is so oily it's created a hair helmet that even the wind coming in through the windows of the car at 75 mph can't move. We smell terrible, too. Showers at the Flying J were full, so we decided to keep on and shower later on in the day. Montana is some gorgeous country, probably my favorite part of the drive so far. Montana gave way to Idaho, which gave way to Washington. The GPS gave us the directions to Astoria, so I figured we better follow them. The Eastern half of Washington, by the way, is some of the most desolate, barren country I've ever seen. Just miles of sunburnt fields and prairies on each side: It makes South Dakota look like the Rockies. Anyways, we stopped in Tacoma, Washington for supper (sushi!), then made our way south into Oregon. As we got into Astoria we stopped at the Holiday Inn Express, only to find out that they were booked up for the night. They also didn't know any other hotels that had openings. Charlie kept on calling hotels as I drove on, figuring we'd just move on to the next town if nothing else. Luckily, the Best Western had a couple cancellations, so we managed to get a great room at one of the nicest hotels I've been in. Complimentary cookies, juice, and water, 24 hour pool. Not too bad! We found out from the front desk that there was an amateur volleyball tournament in the town over that brought in over 30,000 people. After taking long, long showers and shaving we decided to head out for a beer since it was Charlie's bday. A local establishment was having karoake, so we grabbed a pitcher and watched some drunk locals sing it up for a while. The bar closed at 1(?? Yeah, I was confused too) so we went back and slept in our lovely beds.


Ric said...

why is the title of your post "Joe Montana, Idaho Potatoes, and Denzel Washington"?

Tokes said...

Their names all included the states they visited that day. Happy belated birthday Charlie!