Friday, August 8, 2008

Roadtrip Day #2: The Long Way

After sleeping in our car at a rest stop in Wyoming, we realized that we were only 30 miles away from Devil's Tower. We made a quick run up there, took lots of pics, had some bfast, then got back on the road. The GPS was telling us to take I-90 into Montana, which seemed sort of silly considering we wanted to go into Yellowstone, so I made the executive decision to take US-14 instead. Good news was that was we traveled through some amazing mountains on the way out there, but it also took us 5 hours longer than it should have to reach Yellowstone. My car started over heating from the constantly having to go uphill in the mountains, so we stopped by a guy selling Elk and Buffalo jerky out of his camper. Real, real good stuff. Also the grasshoppers were crazy up there, making "snapping" sounds. Coming down out of the mountains the temperatures started hitting the lower 90s, but with the windows down and shirts off it was still decent. We got to Yellowstone around 6ish, then promptly realized that Yellowstone is freaking HUUUUGGGGEEE. Seriously, it could be it's own state. We traveled through it, keeping an eye out for animals when the car in front of us slowed way down for a coyote on the road. It was surprisingly cute, not the mangy theives you expect them to be. Next we saw a pack of buffalo out in the fields, but they were too far away to get many good pictures. Luckily around the bend of the road was a lone buffalo that was not more than 10 feet off the road. Definitely one of the highlights of the day. Unfortunately it started to rain, and we had to make our way to the southern part of the park to see Old Faithful. We got down there at nearly dusk, waited for Old Faithful (which isn't as faithful as Full House would lead you to believe) and then cooked up some hot dogs and beans on the grill for a 9:00 pm supper. We started heading back north through the park when blue and reds started flashing behind us. Charlie pulled over, swearing and asking how fast he was going. When the Ranger came up to the car he asked some questions, Charlie handed him his Military ID and told him about his previious speeding tickets. After giving him a stern lecture about pulling his Military ID on an officer ( a big no-no, apprently), we were back on our way. We headed back up through the park and out into Montana, found ourselves another rest stop and packed it in for the night.


Ric said...

wait... did you get pulled over in Montana? I thought they didn't have a speed limit.

Tokes said...

That was before 2000. Its usually 75 mph now.