Friday, August 8, 2008

Roadtrip Day #1: Looking California, Feeling Minnesota

(I'm typing these up the day they happen, and then posting them when I get internet access)
As to be expected we did not leave on time this morning. Charlie and I went out in Madison last night with Derek and Christiana. Brothers has some absurd special on Tuesday nights, $1.50 import taps and $1.00 rail drinks. We expected to be up and at'em at 8 this morning, but hangovers and dehydration made it so that we didn't leave Madison until 11. No worries though, we made excellent time through Wisconsin and into Minnesota. Though I'm pretty sure I've been there before I've gotta mention just how gorgeous the bluffs on the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin are. I can see why Danielle always complained about flatness of Whitewater. However the bluffs and hills quickly gave way to the boring ass flatlands of Minnesota. I-90 through Minnesota is straight as a arrow, East to West, surrounded by cornfields. Minnesota flatlands gave way to South Dakota flatlands, but as I write this we're entering an area of the Black Hills, which Charlie took pics of. We stopped at a gas station somewhere in South Dakota and here was the scene: A fancy gas station/souvenir shop, with kids running around everywhere in it. (This is 11:00 at night, btw) There's an outside bar FILLED with people. The areas around the gas pumps are filled big bugs of all sorts, to the point that the roof of the car is nearly covered by the time we get back to the car after using the bathroom. We GTFO of there as quick as we could.

Some things of note from the trip:
-Spitz Sunflower Seeds suck. They don't sell David's out here, apparently
-I think there should be a parody of the Bon Jovi song "Bad Medicine" called "Bad Venison"
-Minnesota had barely any construction, which is surprising considering Wisconsin is in a perpetual state of construction.
-This is a great way to realize just how big America is...there's just miles and miles of hills and fields out here.

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