Monday, August 4, 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon #3: Arrested Development

Another series that Nater lent to me, you'd have to be under a rocha to have not heard about Arrested Development the past few years. Another one of those shows that never really caught on with audiences, AD was canceled in February 2006. AD is the story of the terribly dysfunctional Bluth family, all held together by the middle son, Michael. The show reminds me of The Office, in the way that it is filmed and the same dry humor, which is definitely a compliment. One thing that really pushes the show over the edge is the way certain plot points weave through the entire episode. In one of the episodes on Season 1, Key Decisions, the Bluth family is left with a stair truck used for getting on their sold jet as their only form of transportation. The stair truck pops up in all 3 of the main siblings stories, from getting the activist down out of the tree, to taking Marta to the ceremony. Little stuff like that cracks me up. Just like any show it seems to take a few to hit its stride (and admittedly I'm only on the 7th episode of Season 1), but I'm really liking the show so far.
EDIT: I mix up "lent" and "borrow," every time.

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Ric said...

There's no bandwagon. I don't think enough people appreciate Arrested Development.

By the by, Nater lent it to you. You're borrowing it. GRAMMAR NAZI.