Monday, August 25, 2008

Brick by Brick

Just found out today that the LEGO minifigure turns 30 this year. As a child of the 80s and 90s I religiously played with LEGOs when I was a lad. I remember building boats and Ice fishing shacks of out LEGOs with my brothers and playing on the cement of the basement floor during the winter months. Right about then I started getting my own sets of LEGOs. One Christmas I got a Police semi with trailer AND a Police boat (which had a compartment to put batteries in it that make the lights work....very high tech for 1993). Years followed and I accumulated darn near every type of LEGO set you could think of, from Pirates and Under Sea Explorers to Knights and Lifeguards. I even was a member of the LEGO club, receiving their magazine bi-monthly and getting all excited for the coolest new sets coming up (Ninjas! Time Travelers! Neato!). I think the best part of LEGOs was just how they allowed a kid to expand his imagination anyway he wanted to. My stories always tried to encompass all the different sets I had into one gonzo time travel story that brought these characters to the present to protect the world from evil forces. Anyways, I tip my hat to you, Mr. Lego Minifigure, for giving kids 30 years of joy and happiness. Though you may look different now (we didn't have ones that looked like Indy or Batman when I was young) keep on keeping on my little yellow skinned, c-shaped handed buddy. (BTW, the blue spaceman on the left side was one of the first non-Town based minifigures we ever had. I used to love that guy.)

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