Monday, July 28, 2008

Top 5 Video Games

As a male born in the 1980s it's a given that video games were a big part of my life growing up. The first system we had as a family was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or SNES, for all the cool kids). We got it for Christmas in 1991 ( I think, my memory is kinda foggy) and we played that machine to death. Since then I've owned a Gameboy, Playstation, Dreamcast (for a week), Xbox, and Wii, not to mention various PCs used for gaming. Without further adieu, here are my Top 5 Video games!
  1. Super Mario World for SNES. Super Mario World came packed with our SNES, and I'm pretty sure we didn't get another game for the system for another year, because me and my two older brothers were all too busy playing the life out of that game. Mario was brought in the the beautiful world of 16-bit graphics, with Yoshi, Ghost Houses, exiting a level without dying (by pushing Start, then Select), and good old Star World. My first real home experience with video games happened to be with one of the best in the world.
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time for SNES. Probably our 3rd or 4th game for SNES, this side scrolling beat-em-up featured two player co-op play as the Turtles get sent back in time and then to the future, battling Foot Soldiers and other villains along the way. As a HUGE fan of the Turtles when I was a little kid, getting to actually play as them was pure nirvana. I'll honestly say that I've played through and beaten that game, with friends or by myself over 25 times. When we first figured out how to beat Shredder in the Terrordrome (you had to grab the Foot Soldiers and then them into the screen) it was a huge victory for us.
  3. Call of Duty for PC. A big thing for us in the dorms was playing multiplayer games over the Local Area Network that connected all the computers in the building. The big game that nearly everyone played was Call of Duty. Set in World War II, this first person shooter had us enthralled for months, playing Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy. The added feature of the Kill Cam, which allowed you to see the last 5 seconds of your life from the viewpoint of the guy that killed you really fired you up to avenge your fallen self. Frank Castle (my username for the game) killed many a dirty Ratzi on the fields of Brecourt and the streets of Carentan.
  4. X-Men Legends for Xbox. I'm a big comic book dork, I'll admit it. Jumping into the adventures of people in costumes with superpowers was how I escaped when I was a little kid. Being able to play as almost all of my favorite X-Men? Using all sorts of cool powers that get upgraded as you go along? I played this bugger over and over, trying different combos of characters and different costumes, loving every minute of it. While the sequels X-Men Legends II and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance have been good, nothing compares to your first love.
  5. Portal for Xbox 360. Moving in with Ivan, Eric, and Kate allowed me enjoy the greatness of the Xbox 360 for the first time, and I promptly took advantage of it by playing a game I had heard a lot about, but never got a chance to play. But boy oh boy, for a "simple" game with only two actions (shoot, jump) this game twisted my mind and made me think outside the box like no other. A great story mixed with some twisted humor made this one of my most memorable gaming experiences.

Honorable mention goes to: Counter-Strike, Final Fight, Donkey Kong Country, F-Zero, Tenchu: Stealth Assaassins and Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, Halo 2

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