Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top 5 TV Shows

Oh television...Part-time babysitter, newsgiver, entertainment hub, family bringer-together, before the internet came along to steal my heart you were the girl next door I fell for. Good TV can move you just as much as a good movie: Make me think, make me laugh, make me cry, make me smile. My favorite movie shows did all that and more. Here are my Top 5 TV Shows! (in no particular order)
  1. Home Improvement. I grew up with Home Improvement. A dad who was involved with home improvement and tools. A stay-at-home mom. Three boys. It basically was the story of my family (except we didn't have a sage neighbor to impart advise to my dad). I'm pretty sure we (along with a lot of America) watched every single week to see how Tim could hurt himself, Al slowly developing a backbone, Wilson always saving the day with a history lesson, and Heidi being hot. MORE POWER FOR LIFE!!
  2. Family Matters. "Did I do thaaaat??" Why yes, Steve, you did. If by "that," you mean enthralled America and my young impressionable self with the juggernaut known as TGIF on ABC. Watching the reruns a few summers ago really hammered home the fact that it was genuinely a funny, heartfelt show. I declare that Carl Winslow is the greatest tv dad ever. Behind Al Bundy, of course. Little known fact: Harriette Winslow was actually a spin-off character from Perfect Strangers! Weird....
  3. Boy Meets World. Another stalwart of TGIF, the adventures of the Matthews family and Cory's friends remains very watchable to this day. The breakout character of the show, though, is obviously Feeny, the wise and sarcastic teacher/principal/neighbor/friend. I'm not ashamed to admit I cried during the last episode. Yet antoher one of those familes I grew up with, and learned life lessons from.
  4. The Office. Pretty much the ONLY show I watch religiously anymore, The Office has the art of awkward comedy down pat. I remember when I first saw commercials for it, being very excited that Steve Carell was getting his own TV show. Honestly, I'm glad I didn't watch the first season, but it wasn't the best. Seasons 2 and 3, however, are pitch perfect. I'll recommend this show to anyone who'll listen. And I'll admit that the Jim & Pam will-they-or-won't they romance made me feel like a 14 year old girl watching Dawson's Creek. A very realistic, sad, funny romance.
  5. Batman: The Animated Series. My dark horse pick. As mentioned in previous posts, I'm a comic book dork. And I reckon it all started here. A mature cartoon that (along with the original Batman movie) helped bring back the idea of the Dark Knight, rather than the Caped Crusader. Awesome voice acting, great stories, actual continuity in a cartoon (Dick Grayson grows up to be Nightwing, Harvey Dent turns into Two-Face, etc) this show proved that cartoons can be for adults while still allowing kids to understand what's happening. Give it a chance before you skoff, I bet you'll find it offers more than a lot of live action "serious" dramas.

Honorable mentions: Saved by the Bell, Beast Wars: Transformers, Step By Step, Gargoyles

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