Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I like movies. I like finding out about upcoming movies, and then talking about them with my friends. I like the countdown of days to the big release of a movie I've been looking forward to for months, if not years (hello Fellowship of the Ring). However, I really need to start staying away from movie websites. Back when I was a young'un I used to visit Aint It Cool News to hear about what neat movies would be coming out, read reviews, see spy pictures of on set stuff, and watch trailers before they were in theatres. But here's the thing: the more you know about a movie, the more it ruins the actual theatre experience. Just too much information about it, watching too many trailers ruins the surprise. Half the trailers out there these days show way, way too much of the movie. And as much as I love seeing all this neat insider stuff about movies, I'm starting to get to the point where I'd rather go into a movie knowing nothing about it. Can you imagine walking into Dark Knight and not knowing that the Joker was being played by Heath Ledger? Without all the hype of his dying performance? I think that'd be a nice change. So here's what I promise myself: If there's a movie coming out that I really want to see I will only watch the trailer for it once. I will try my best to shy away from other previews of it. It will not be easy...but for the sake of my movie enjoyment I must.
After I see it, however, the floodgates will be opened and I'll be reading everything I can about it, like I'm doing with Dark Knight. Such a good movie.

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Ric said...

But make sure you watch the trailer afterward. It's the best part.