Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things I Love #2: Girls in Bands

I just realized this when I was watching Skillet last night at Summerfest: Girls in rock bands just rock my world. Korey Cooper, the keyboardist, guitarist, and backup vocalist for Skillet was just jumping around, head banging like crazy, jumping up on amps and generally being cool as hell. Jen Ledger, drummer for the band, was beating those skins like they owed her money, hair flying the whole time. I was enraptured by just watching both of them (the flashing lights and violinist busting strings only added to the coolness of it).
I think my love of girls in bands goes back to when we used to go to Bad Brad's on Thursday night for "The Jam." One of the local bands, The Blue Olives, would allow pretty much anyone to come up and play with them, doing mostly classic rock songs. Their saxophonist was a girl, Joan, who was cute in a nerdy-band-girl way, but when she'd play that sax or sing "Bobby McGee," man, my heart would just melt. Something about about a girl shredding it up, belting out one of my favorite songs, or laying down a stellar baseline just makes me smile.

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Chad said...

I didnt know what love was until i saw the girl that plays in the blue olives.


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