Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Mechanic

For the second time in my life I took my car to a non-Edgar mechanic (Berg Sales in my hometown handled nearly all the maintenance issues for our vehicles while we were growing up, and even in college I tried to time maintenance for when I was home on break). Back in college I was having some REAL trouble turning the wheel of my '99 Alero. I took it in to at dealership nearby, and $249 later they informed me that the power steering hose on it was broke, but they had replaced it. For $249.....a hose. I vowed to never go back there, to find myself a more small-town mechanic to go to with my troubles. So with the big road trip coming up, I figured that I would take my car into Scotty's Firestone, a mechanic in Brookfield that my employer has a deal with for reduced prices and a shuttle to and fro.

Part of me wishes that I was more mechanically inclined, that I'd have the equipment and time to figure out why my left tire ticks, why the cigarette lighters won't allow my phone charger to work. I know how to change oil, rotate tires, all the basic things. But anything more difficult than that is beyond me. Is that because you need to hook a diagnostic computer up to newer cars to figure out what's going on with them? Or is it just that, as humans, we're becoming more and more specialized in what we need to know? I don't need to know how to fix all the stuff on my car, because it hardly ever breaks down and when it does there are professionals for that stuff. Least my bruised man-ego hopes that is what it actually is....

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