Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Junk Drawer

Everyone has one. That drawer in your kitchen or in your dresser that's just full of junk. All the miscellaneous pieces, parts, and knickknacks that don't have anywhere else to go, or that you're lazy to find a place for. When I was a little kid it was the bottom drawer of my dresser. There were times when it was so filled with stuff that it would barely close.

As a little memory exercise I'm going to try and remember all the stuff in my current junk drawer, which is located at the top of my dresser (movin' on up!)
Box of pencils, lighter, condoms, super glue, unopened dvd of Big Lebowski (break seal in case of emergencies), swimming goggles, spare AV cable, index cards, bottle opener, bike chain oil, deck of cards, fingernail clippers, AA batteries, two dumbbell bars, small notepad, Santa Christmas tin, old postcards from my grandparents...

...I'll think of more throughout the day, stay tuned.
EDIT #1: The copy of Big Lebowski is a spare, I've got the normal one on my shelf. What do you think I am, some sorta barbarian?!


Chad said...

Good think you have rubbers in your junk drawer. Not like you'll ever need those.


Ric said...

I have three junk drawers. Extensive?

Ric said...

And why the hell is your copy of The Big Lebowski still sealed? Unforgivable.

MrB said...

I got a huge box full of shit i never look at.