Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fit as a Fiddle

Over the past 5 years I've been trying to stay in shape using various means. I didn't have any problem with it in high school, because I was always in gym class and sports, but the lazy life of a dorm-dwelling college student doesn't exactly lead one to eat healthy and workout. I'd workout here and there, never taking it very serious, and thus not seeing any gains. Unlike nearly everyone else I knew I was trying to put on weight, not lose it. But I also refused to take protein supplements (mostly because I couldn't afford it). And aside from playing the random softball or ultimate Frisbee game I really didn't get much cardio exercise. Moving furniture for 2 summers definitely helped build muscle mass, but I laxed back into nothing when the school year was on.

However, last summer I had a free workout pass to the UW-Milwaukee workout center which I got in the habit of lifting 3 times a week, plus swimming laps at their pool. Oh yeah, then playing sand volleyball a few times a week. Being in probably the best shape of my life when August rolled around I got a workout pass for the fall at Whitewater, but that quickly languished into laziness yet again. However, ever since moving to New Berlin I've had a lot of free time to workout and read up on fitness and nutrition. I've been lifting about 2-3 times a week, and I've been swimming off and on at our pool. Ivan stumbled upon some cheap bycycles for sale that we might get, which would be excellent because I loathe running. Also he found a website that helps track daily calories in addition to other information. My goal is to be 200 lbs by September (I'm about 192 lbs right now), which mean I'm going to have to amp up the amount of protein I eat, increase my workouts a bit. Hopefully that website and swimsuit season give me a enough motivation to keep at it.

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