Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things I Love #1: Ridiculous Action Movies

I got home from work last week Thursday, and it was just Ivan and myself around the apartment. We were trying to figure out what to do when we decided to get a movie off of Pay-Per-View. Nothing looked appealing until we saw Shoot 'Em Up. "You seen this yet," I asked Ivan. He said no, we both got a smile on our faces and decided to order it. I'd heard a little bit about it from Chad, but had basically had forgotten about it until we saw it on the menu. We cracked open some beers, and decided that we'd drink anything crazy happened on screen. 86 minutes of laughing hysterically, rewinding to watch insane parts again, and then more laughing we were both nearly drunk as skunks. I'm not sure how a crazy movie like that gets green lit in 2007, but may Allah shine upon that brave movie executive.

Now, I like an intellectual thinker movie as much as the next guy, but I love just shutting off my brain for a few hours and enjoying guns, explosions, fights, one-liners, sex, chase scenes....I just eat it up! In the life I lead I find very few opportunities to be out of control, so it's great to live vicariously through the on-screen antics of over-the-top action heroes. So when I want to relax just give me a beer and let me watch Commando, Last Man Standing, Kickboxer, Under Siege, Tango & Cash, or Shoot'Em Up any day of the week.


MrB said...

I haven't seen Last Man Standing, Kickboxer, Under Siege, or Tango & Cash. I fail yet again.

Chad said...

tango and cash is fucking awesome, sylvester stallone and that one guy with the mullet. It also ripped off the music from Beverly hills cop if i remember correctly.

Tokes said...

Wow, No shoutout for helping you come up with that list. This is the last time I help you when I know its going directly to the blog.