Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things I do when driving by myself

-Sing every song in a falsetto voice, making up the words as I go.
-In an ominious voice say "GREG YIELDS TO NO MAN" when driving through an intersection with a Yield sign.
-Pretend my car is a manual, making gear shifting and screeching noises as I go.
-Not wear a shirt.
-Have all of the windows down.
-Spit sunflower seeds out the window
-.....which usually fly in through the back window, piling up in my back seat.
-Mouth obsenities under my breathe while smiling when another driver screws up and almost hits me.
-Float my arm out the window.
-Drive like a old person.....the speed limit is there for a reason, dontcha know.


MrB said...

Yee Yield to me!

and get a manual car...

Ric said...

When I'm by myself, I also sing -- loud and off-key.

And, every time I start up from a red to a green light I say, "green MEANS go!"

I'll also announce whether I'm turning left by saying "Hang a Louie (or) a Leo" and turning right saying "ROGER Roger."