Thursday, June 12, 2008

Musically speaking

It's kind of interesting to chart one's own interest in music over the years. I was thinking my musical tastes have been pretty similar for the last few years, but there's always been one constant throughout my life: I'm heavily influenced by what the people around me listen to.
  • Ages 1-10: Listened almost exclusively to Oldies, because that's all my Dad would listen to. Also got into "Pop," thanks to listening to Ace of Base 8-track tapes at various sleepovers.

  • Ages 10-15: Begin to listen to Country a bit, thanks to my brothers. Big fan of "Don't Take the Girl" by Tim McGraw and pretty much any Alan Jackson song.

  • Ages 15-18: Start listening to 3 Doors Down, Oleander, other Soft Rock bands, along with Hard Rock bands like Rage Against the Machine and Metallica. Also get into Rap and Hip-Hop thanks to classmates and teammates. Receive a mix CD entitled "$hill's Ghetto Mix" full of noble poets such as Master P, Coo Coo Cal (Milwaukee represent!), and Lil Wayne. Start (thankfully) dabbling into Classic Rock, discover Led Zeppelin, chest hair hair begins to take root.

  • Ages 18-20: More Independent bands or up-and-coming acts are added to my playlist. Really into Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Alkaline Trio, and Modest Mouse while at the same time expanding my repertoire of Classic Rock to include The Hollies and Jethro Tull (Thanks Paulson!) See my first real concert (Reel Big Fish @ the Rave).

  • Ages 21-Present: Become a huge Audioslave fanboy. Dig deeper into the back catalogs of Classic Rock artists like Gerry Rafferty and the Kinks. Guitar Hero and Rock Band help expand the range of Rock that is enjoyed (The Exies, Bad Religion) while strengenthing my love for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age, and Stone Temple Pilots. Re-discover my love for 90s music, from all genres (I'm looking at you Tone Loc and Oasis.)
The thing is; I still listen to every single one of the bands listed above. I'll still gladly throw in that old "$hill's Ghetto Music" cd when I'm driving, and love when I hear an Oldies song that brings me back to roadtrips with my family. For me, music has always been about connecting with other people, before I even knew I was doing it.

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